Custom-made Shade Sails awnings

We adapt to any space and design

Resistance, Durability

Our tensioned Sails stand out for their amazingly high durability thanks to our exclusive perimeter reinforcement system. They are prepared to resist strong winds, rain, hail ...

A 6mm steel cable receives all the tension against any inclement weather, in this way your sail will remain unalterable at all times

The fabric is treated with UV stabilizers to give it a very long life against exposure to direct sunlight, it is resistant to humidity and extreme temperatures. They do not fade, break, or wear down. They have great resistance to tearing and mold formation. We offer a biannual service of maintenance, assembly / disassembly to assure the conservation of your awning for many years.

Fresh shade

Unlike other types of awning, our micro-knitted fabric sails let the air circulate while casting shade. In this way they create a pleasant cool environment, without the suffocating feeling of sweltering heat

Protection, Safety, Protect your car

The canvas is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that blocks the heat of the sun and gives protection of up to 98% against harmful UV rays, depending on the color chosen. It is the perfect solution for children, they can play safely outdoors during sunny hours. It also prevents deterioration and corrosion of your garden furniture and preserves the paint of your vehicle as if it were new

We will carry out a structural study of the area to advise you on the safest areas to place the necessary wall fixings or posts

We use the latest fixing technology with epoxy resin capable of resisting a traction of 4,000 kg/m3 on cement supports, hollow brick, wall of blocks, reinforced concrete walls ...

Intimacy, practicality, usability of unused spaces

Although its main and most demanded function is to protect from the sun, our Shade Sails are incredibly versatile and many clients demand them for privacy in the presence of prying eyes, providing an elegant design, perfectly integrated into their environment. Thus, they add value to your home or business.

It is easy to clean and keep, it can be disassembled at any time you need it without the need for specific tools. They do not move or make noise with the friction of the wind

Appearance and design, decorations

One of the most relevant benefits of our shade sails is their visual appeal, as they are an excellent decorative complement in any context: modern, rustic, urban, rural, elegant, children's ... They can cover Aircon Compressors, since they allow air circulation and, in this way, it keeps environmental harmony

We offer a complete study, design, installation and maintenance service. Remember that as it is a custom-made product it can be manufactured to adapt to any size or shape, totally customized to meet your needs

Shade for restaurants, bars and public areas. Create an attractive terrace for your clients by placing our tensioned canvas with a twist effect. Your business will never go unnoticed again. Wide range of colors to choose and match.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Protect your skin, that of your family or your clients, take care of your car, your furniture, your plants, enhance your home or business ...
    The most common uses are the protection of Children's Play Areas, School Playgrounds or Social Areas, Pool Areas, jacuzzis, outdoor leisure activity areas, barbecue, outdoor kitchens and dining rooms, picnic tables, picnic areas, gardens, terraces, roofs, parking areas or parking lots, animal or pet enclosures ...

  • It is advisable to have an installation carried out by professionals who study the area to be shaded as well as the optimal surfaces to place the fixing points.
    When we do a post installation, the surface of the Shade Sail determines their size and weight. Likewise, the type of terrain and the location of the posts determine the size and depth of its foundation.
    The degree of tension of the Sail Awning is a very important factor to consider. A very loose or poorly adjusted fit would cause shaking or vibrations that could cause deterioration if we add strong winds to the equation. If you prefer to install yourself or you are going to subcontract a local company, we can advise and guide you through the process

  • It does not require any specific maintenance, although we do recommend disassembling the sail during the autumn and winter seasons to keep it in perfect condition. If you want to carry it out yourself, we will advise you on the procedure to disassemble, store and assemble it back in the next season.
    Although we send and install Shade Sails throughout Spain, for the moment, the maintenance service is offered only locally.
    Concerning the cleaning, it is recommended to spray the underside of the Sail with water with a hose and, if it is necessary, rub with a brush or broom. We do not recommend the use of pressure washers, Karcher type.

  • Not quite. The Sails are made of a high quality material called HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), it is knitted and therefore allows air to pass through the fabric while it keeps a cool environment underneath.
    During a light rain the water will go to the lowest point and drain without reaching the bottom, but in a more intense rain situation, the water will pass through the knitting.
    In rainy areas we recommend installing the sail with more slope for greater protection

  • The level of UV protection depends on the color of the canvas. For example, while a white sail awning would give us 91% UV protection, a darker shade, such as charcoal gray, provides UV blocking of approximately 98%.
    Overall, a Shade Sail offers UV protection equivalent to that of a full-body SPF35 sunscreen, with the added bonus of lowering the temperature with a refreshing breeze under the awning

More questions?

We need this information to be able to help you:
  • Please indicate if you require us to install the shade-sail or if you only need us to send you the custom-made canvas
  • Which town is the shade-sail heading to?
  • If you need our installers, send photos of the area with a description of what you want to cover
  • The maximum size for images is 2MB each one, up to a total of 5MB. If your files exceed these limits, use the tool to lighten photos without losing quality
  • Indicate the approximate measurements so that we can offer you a quote by email based on the provided information

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